Monday, July 24, 2006

Yesterday morning thunder rumbled in the muggy morning sky. But it didn't rain. And rather than the clouds cooling, the day became stickier. This morning the clouds cleared early and the heat settled in.

This is the reason I am sitting on the floor of my living room right now: My cat had a vet appointment this morning. I could not carry a baby and a cat in a box to the car at the same time, so I went in shifts. First I took the baby down to the garage, buckled him in, turned on the car light, gave him toys and locked the car. Then I climbed the stairs to find the cat. She was no where. I whistled, called, hunted. Nothing. Walked back to the garage. The baby was playing in the car. Relocked him in and searched for the cat again. Nothing. Back to the garage. Getting fussy. Gave more toys. Back to the cat. Whistle, call, shake the bag of food. Nothing. Back to the garage. Getting fussier. New toys. Locked the car. Called for the cat. Scoured the house. Nothing. Back down. Baby having a breakdown. Checked time. Late for the vet. Nap overdue. Took out the baby. Climbed back upstairs. Whistled for the damn cat. Nothing. Put the baby to bed. Cancelled the vet.

Still no cat. A happy sleeping baby. No rain but the sound of sprinklers.

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