Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Road Trip

I am sitting in Kirsten and James' apartment in San Francisco. Decided this morning to pile Silas in the car and drive up for Kirsten's Stegner reading. Throwing things in the car is much more involved with an infant... I remember swearing that when I had a baby I would not haul a lot of things around, but it turns out it is a worthy trade off to be prepared. And so here I am with suitcase, huge bag, small bag, pack n' play, refrigerated items all in hand...

It also turns out that it is difficult to attend a poetry reading fully with a 10 month old. I walked into a woman's office in the Stanford English Building (a woman who was clearly working -- books open and typing) and asked her if she'd be willing to play with a baby for 5 minutes. How could she say no? So thanks to Melissa, I was able to have 5 uninterrupted minutes of listening. Kirsten was poised and despite herself seemed utterly at ease. And her poems were, of course, striking.

And now I am sitting in an apartment I love -- blend of modern and antique -- cream, oranges, green. I love it here. Off I go to retrieve my suitcase from the car.

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