Friday, July 25, 2008

Some days are all about the Bathroom

What you should know before you read on is that Ducky is a creepy yellow duck that the man at the throw-a-dart-and-pop-a-balloon booth at the fair gave Silas last nigh,t even though we neither played or payed. I say creepy because the duck, whom Silas cuddles, adores and calls "ducky", has full arms and legs and looks like a mini flying human in a duck suit.

This morning all of the sudden I heard panicked screaming from upstairs: DUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blah blah bah (couldn't understand) POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So up I went and sure enough, Ducky had "fallen" into the toilet. Silas stood at the top of the stairs saying "wet, wet" trying to wipe off Ducky with his hands. All it took was for me to look sternly at him and say "oh no" and Silas was keeled over, on his knees holding Ducky in his lap sobbing (at least I've taught him that things shouldn't go in the toilet, but really). SO, I washed the cheap, poorly made Ducky in the sink hoping his orange beak wouldn't bleed into the rest of him.

As I was washing Ducky, Silas left the room. A minute later I heard, "Yook Mama!" and Silas paraded in wearing his blue bulldozer well-peed-on potty seat on his head. Clearly, the teaching about the toilet wasn't that clear.

Next we went to a park where we were meeting some people I don't know very well. At one point, I moved to the other side of a double-sided bench to change Eden's diaper. I had forgotten wipes, but not a crisis with baby's watery, non-smelly poop. Her dirty diaper, however, was huge, but I was managing fine -- I had her almost completely clean and into another diaper when all of the sudden, poop rocketed out of her small behind all over my skirt, the bench, the clean and dirty diaper, and her leg. I kept smiling and talking with the stranger-woman who couldn't see my side of the bench, as I used every clean diaper I had to mop it up. 5 diapers later there was a huge blotch on the front of my (thankfully dark) skirt, and lingering orange poop on Eden, her clean diaper, and the bench. It was clearly time to go. So we did.

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susanna said...

Oh, the volcanic poop....there is never fair warning when it erupts!
You do get mommy kudos for carrying on a conversation while dealing with an explosive poo situation! :) Sue