Monday, September 22, 2008


God is unshakably real. I know this because I've tried to shake God -- over and over. But God's presence and creativity and gentleness keep coming. And grace. That's a word thrown around, but I mean GRACe in the fullness of the word -- unfair, undeserved, heaped-on love.

But I have so many questions. There is so much I cannot prove and don't need to. There is so much unsettled about living in this world that is filling with garbage that is swarming with starving toddlers, rampant with AIDS, pocketed with wealthy comfort, murdered with hate and superiority.

God says when we seek we will find. It's an invitation. A promise. But He doesn't say we will find instantaneously, or all in one piece. Maybe what that means is that we'll find tiny tidbits -- enough to keep us following the trail.

How we live is impacted by how we view God, view death, view the continuance of life or not. How we view God and whether we are loved with a big immovable love.

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