Monday, March 16, 2009

Reports & Recommendations (and Obama) -- the posting of many links

Some Reports:

*First, let it be known that President Barack Obama is coming HERE to the OC Fairgrounds on Wednesday. Now for those of you who happen to live in the same city as this man every day of your lives, this may not seem like important news. However, for one who lives across the country from him in a land of very little political movement, I feel as though he rifled through a haystack, plucked me out, and said, "THERE you are!! I am going to come all the way to no-major-airport Costa Mesa to see YOU!"

*Second, I apparently am anticipating this event in my subconscious, too, because last night I dreamed I was driving down Wisconsin Avenue with Michelle talking about real estate and public vs. private schools on our way to go jeans shopping.

*Third (and then I will change topics), I am feeling mounting anxiety about HOW my shaking hands with and holding my children up to the man for a picture will transpire because both ticket distribution and town hall meeting (where he will appear) happen during nap times! CURSE NAP TIMES! (...wash my mouth out with soap, nap times are a gift from the heavens! but they do seriously cramp my fan club style)

*Fourth, I am in the midst of reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (I love her -- that comment should be in the recommendation section) and feel the impulse, and responsibility, really, to cover our back deck with a vast (vast-ish) garden of carrot, cucumber, lettuce, herbs. Something drastic would have to change in the green thumb arena, though. I'm optimistic.

*Fifth, we are in the thick of colds once again. I have not tasted a single thing for 5 days. Literally. I told Ben the other day that Eden has been having huge dirty diapers but that they're odorless and that she must be digesting differently. Turns out I just haven't been able to smell for 5 days either.

*There are those days when raising kids full-time feels like a boondoggle, replete with trips to the beach, charming 3 year old quips, a quiet napping house, and "feshull" (special) time with Silas. And then there are days like today. Eden's nose has turned into a bubbling, dripping, oozing spigot. Silas can't get enough of his Mama and wanders around the house saying, in a nasal whine, "hold me, mommy, hold me mommy, hold me mommy." Naps-- well just forget it.

*I have started going to counseling for some revelation and direction, and am again convinced that ignorance indeed is bliss, just as the Underground Man suggested. But the problem persists that as soon as one draws that conclusion, one is aware of the bliss, and therefore the ignorance, and once she recognizes that ignorance, the nagging sense of there being more to know does away with the bliss all together... Ben and I were talking about this the other day. Is it worth digging in, unearthing, getting messy when everything functions as is? Is it worth finding out more if that more may shake your footing? And I think yes, if you are willing to stay on for the whole ride, it is.

Moving on to Recommendations:

-Molly Jenson's debut album just came out. Go buy it now!! You won't regret it. She is lovely, and her music is too.

-If you are one for food and cooking (or gorgeous writing) check out the blog Orangette
And also buy her new book A Homemade Life -- you may feel inspired to all of the sudden add candied ginger to your banana bread and to make french toast like you've never made it before.

-A decent cheap champagne, if you care to weave Champagne Thursday into your weekly rhythms, is Barefoot Bubbly Extra Dry. (I am constantly on the look out for inexpensive sparkling wines/champagnes -- if you know of any good ones -esp dry ones- please leave a rec!)

-And why not buy yourself some TOMS (Ninja shoes as Max calls them)? -- they are comfy, come in a zillion patterns/colors, and when you buy one pair the company donates another (a hefty price for a donation, I know) AND the children's size shoes are a-dor-a-ble.

That's all I've got for today*


amy said...

I read Animal Vegetable Miracle last summer and loved it! Very inspiring, like you I found myself wanting to grow all sorts of thing in by back yard (even asparagus which I don't even like):).

Beautiful said...

yes, living in the nation's capitol, i would not have realized fully the impact of Mr obamba'visit without your descriptive detail and now i am horribly sorry that you may not be able to lay actual eyes on your leader, nor probably have him over for coffee...
as for max's shoes, he just bought Terrasoles after admiring mine; they are vegan.