Thursday, August 20, 2009

to simplify

This is one of those afternoons when I would LIKE to do many many things: go to the market nearby to get my favorite tortilla chips (I made salsa); buy whole milk, mailing envelopes, and fill a prescription; walk across the street to return the huge back of chicken breasts that I just opened that smell rotten (disgusting); finish making Emma's birthday present; go to the post office to mail things to Emma, Madison and Kirsten' take my laptop to the loft to print several things and compile a submission to mail tomorrow; make a helicopter project that Silas wants to make; work on a poem I have that's due tomorrow; call and old friend who left me a message days ago; work out travel details for this coming week; finish baking the pistachio honeyed apricot cake I'm making but cannot finish until I get back with whole milk; marinade the fresh new chicken the store will hopefully give me for free ETC ETC.

However, I have two small children who are now up from nap. And we really only have an hour and a half til we have to pick up Ben whose car battery died. And so, this becomes one of those afternoons when I have to release my multi-faceted agenda, shake off the nagging sense of urgency, and allow the day to be simple.

Probably what we will do is walk across the street, return the chicken, buy milk, and eat chicken. Period.

(and that's what we did)

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