Thursday, April 01, 2010


Tonight before Silas went to bed, we read the story of the good Samaritan, which begins with a man riding a donkey being ambushed and robbed.

Silas, looking at the picture: Where is the bunny?
me: What?
Silas: The bunny. Where is it?
me: What bunny?
Silas: The bunny.
me, rereading the paragraph: Ooh, no, not bunny, money. They took his money.
Silas: Why did they take his money?
me: I don't know. It wasn't very nice of them--
Silas: OH, I know, I know about that. Taxes.

I have never mentioned taxes to my son, but apparently someone has.


Beautiful said...

I love the unexpected gift of reading something that causes me to laugh right out loud.
Took a walk under the cherry blossom fairy canopy early this morning with your dad, pre-mob scene. I missed you.

Meg Patch said...

How funny! Silas is so smart!

Hawley said...

hahhahaha that is HILARIOUS. Man, he's a bright little kid! :)