Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures from DC (catching up a bit)

When we were in DC with Cindy before she died, I think we were all grateful for the silly sweet play of kids and cousins...
(apologies for the number of pictures*)

Eden and Amber clicked for the first time and played for hours.

Silas rode a bike for the first time (easily -- I'm now a mad believer in the skuut)

Eden hit some developmental milestone and drew her first face on this trip. This is her third face, and he (probably in her eyes a beautiful she) has eyebrows. I am in love.

My life mirrored at the zoo...
It's almost impossible to find cotton candy spun before your eyes (at least at Disneyland and wherever else I've been), but we found it at the National Zoo.

In DC heat, I noticed Eden had tiny beads of perspiration on her nose, exactly like my brother Eli used to have all summer long when he was little.
Grumpily leaving the zoo.

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Hawley said...

So precious, Bronwen! I love the photos. Especially the one of your life "mirrored at the zoo" hahaha too funny. So glad that the kids could make you all smile.