Thursday, August 05, 2010


Eden, who just turned two, will often wrap a scarf or towel around herself and announce she's getting married -- a game that's emerged since she played with her older cousins in June...
Eden, wrapping a scarf around her, under her arms: I'm getting mawied.
What does it mean to get married?
It means... it means you have to grow up, and be a woman.


Silas: Mom what is boxing -- how do you play it?
Well, you wear special gloves and you - you punch each other in the face.
(little laugh). Why is that?
I don't know, that's just how boxing goes.
Well... how do you win?
You knock the other person onto the ground.
(laughing) I definitely want to be a boxer.


Silas and Eden at the table during lunch today:
Silas: When I grow up I'm going to space and am going to be a space ranger with Buzz Lightyear.
Eden: I'm going to be a space ranger, too.
Silas: No Eden, you can't. Only boys can be space rangers.
(me from the kitchen: that's not true, anyone can be a space ranger)
Silas, earnestly: Eden, I am going to space because I am going to be an astronaut when I grow up. That's why I'm going to be a space ranger.
Eden: I going to space too.
Silas, getting heated: NO, you can't go to space!!
(me from the kitchen: remember how big space is?? You can BOTH be in space. And Silas, if you were living in space as a space ranger and happened to come across your sister, you would be happy to see her after not having seen people for so long)
Silas: Ok Eden, you can go to space. But I'm going to fly because Buzz will give me wings like his. You will just have to stay in the spaceship.
Eden: I going to fly, too.
Silas: No, Eden, you won't have wings.
Eden: Yes I will have wings.
Silas: No, you won't.
(me from the kitchen: maybe she'll have her own jet pack to fly around with)
Silas: Ok Eden, you can fly. But if you see two guys in space, don't come over because that's Buzz and me.


cbpaschall said...

Your children are amazing. Is this a poem? Love you love your children.

Hawley said...

hahahaha I love that you wrote these down. SO funny and so cute, so real :) As a little sister, I empathize with Eden!! haha hopefully as Silas grows older, he'll have sweet friends like my brother did who will encourage him to let her play, too. Even if she gets the worst pretend parts or is kind of on the sidelines ;)

I also have to say, props to you on your contributions to their space convo! Good points and well put :) "Space is BIG" haha...

Your kids are so cute, and you're an awesome mom :)


kellycally said...

Oh yes!!

DeDeLu said...

love it!!