Thursday, December 02, 2010


we found a place to live and will move jan 1*

1940's house. pink. a back deck. to-be wood floors. walking distance to library, park, coffee, school. one little bathroom. a garage. dr seus pine tree. teeny front porch. dwarf lemon tree, loaded. humming birds. potential tree house tree. friends down the street. old light fixtures on brass chains. a tiny writing studio that looks onto the yard. 80's berry wallpaper in kitchen. pink counter tops.

it's going to be good.

it will also involve our saying goodbye to this little house and neighborhood where we've lived, despite our short-term intentions, six years. the house to which we brought both our children home from the hospital. the house where Ben learned everything he knows now about handiness. the house silas will probably remember as his first house. the house where i learned how neighbors can be life-givers, pantry-sources, and tea-company first thing in the morning. the house where ben and i weathered so many conversations and processed all kinds of news. this is the first house we built and filled to the brim. in the mist of the excitement of newness and the relief of finally settling somewhere, i will be sad to go. as silas would say, it's bittersweet.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it! Love, Mandy

KLA said...

Exciting! Will you send pics of the house? xo, K

elizabeth said...

yeah bronwen, that is SO EXITING! can't wait to hear more about it.

Anonymous said...

Being excited and sad at the same time... yep.
When we moved across the street, we did not get movers. Big mistake. Movers. xxxooo

Lindsay said...

I am so surprised to hear the news - this BIG news! I do look forward to hearing more and bless you in the process as you lose and gain...xo