Saturday, August 18, 2012

Leaving the Beach

I am waiting for my favorite hour on the beach to brighten the sky, but for now it's still dark.  Due to pregnancy and Silas's early bird wiring, I've been up around 6 most mornings this week, which has meant dragging a beach chair, my journal, and a hot cup of tea (much of which I've spilled on my hand) to the edge of the ocean to sit while the sun brightens from a pink a dayglo ball to white heat in the sky.  

This is our last morning at the beach.  In fact, we are supposed to be driving away in 25 minutes when it will still be dark.  I keep looking out the window as if the sky must know this and will bring dawn faster.

The week has great -- healing to have my feet in the sand and Ben on a surfboard, connections all around, trips to the dollar store for spy kits, cousin play, outdoor showers, ice cream, home movies.  And now it's time to go.  A gift when a week has been full and the end is still welcome.  At home we'll settle into our last summer week -- warm the house, swim in the pool, walk to the creek and library, gather groceries to make school snacks and lunches once again...  I'm feeling ready!

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cbpaschall said...

You are beautiful.