Friday, September 21, 2012

laboring, pre-laboring, or pre-pre-laboring

It is 3:49AM.  A booming contraction woke me up around 1AM and there has been no sleep since.  The contractions hurt but are not hospital-big.  They blow through about every 10 minutes and so far haven't hastened their pace, so I wouldn't call this labor.  But I also wouldn't call it sleep-friendly.  So after doing laundry, making lunches for school tomorrow, rounding out my hospital bag, walking around the house, and making tea, I am now on the couch about to begin  a 4AM showing of Sex and the City.  Sarah Jessica Parker movies seem to have triggered my previous two labors, so I'm hoping.  Keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

wahooo! praying for you. love, Mandy

Denise Ann said...

Thinking of you as you bring your baby into the world -- a miracle and a lot of work!
I pray that all is well.

Lindsay said...

Wow! Can,t wait to hear of the new babe! Xoxoxo