Monday, December 29, 2014

A Hair Wash

For Christmas, Silas gave Eden a bag of travel conditioners and a hair wash (by him) in the sink.
So today while Maeve napped, and I sat beside a pile of calico critters on my bed, Silas and Eden stood in the bathroom.

I heard the sink go on.

Eden: I can just was my hair.
Silas: No Eden, I am supposed to do it FOR you.
Eden: ok.
Silas:Eden, your hair is a rat's nest!
Eden: I know.
Eden: My head's going to go down the drain!
Silas: Your head is not going down the drain.
Eden: No, but my hair!!
Silas: Put your head back in the sink
Eden: But it will go down the drain!
Silas: No, it won't... I need you to make your head flimsy.
Eden: Owww, my neck
Silas: you have to tell me if your neck hurts!
Silas: Eden, do you want a towel?
Eden: Umm... my dress is soaking, but no.
Eden: Silas, do you want to know why my dress is soaking?
Silas: yeah
Eden: because you've been pouring water down my back every time you poured it on my head.

They are probably 20 minutes in to the process now and the conditioner is just starting to go on.


Annemarie said...

ha! my favorite part is 'flimsy'

mMc said...

*THIS* is amazing. Thank GOODNESS you got it down to remember.