Wednesday, May 02, 2007

small thanks here and there

Thank goodness we don't move through this world without other people...

I ended up talking with my mom for an hour -- she happened to call at a crucial moment -- and voiced many balled up thoughts --- relief.

Then Ben left work at 4:30 and met Silas and me at the park (Silas is in love with Ben -- and parks for that matter). I climbed up the jungle gym after Silas and then once he went down the slide, sat up there with my eyes closed, face up to the sun, breathing, while a 7 year old boy climbed over me and monkey-barred back and forth to my left. Sometimes we need a breath.

We then wandered to the post office and back home. No pressure to be anywhere. A break from pushing a stroller. When we got here, Ben and Silas went to play with Annie and Honey (the neighborhood Frenchie and Pug), and I gathered up my People mag and a coke zero with lemon, bundled up in my green vest and uggs and sat out back in the cooling afternoon breeze, sun flickering through leaves and read about Drew Barrymore (I love her these days) and a slew of other people who don't matter much but name their children interesting names and are fun to look at.

Ben cooked Silas dinner and is giving him a bath right now. Breaks are good.

I'm going now to make my specialty hamburgers that will have to be shaped like hot dogs since we only have hot dog buns and are still bread-eating Americans, unlike everyone in the magazine...

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Beret said...

whew- that was a close call... thanks for it...xxxooo