Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Southland

Silas and I recently got back from a week in Nashville and Atlanta. Finn Moyer, 2 weeks old, hardly made a peep night or day and Sara looked beautiful and showed virtually no signs of having just given birth (not to mention having had a C-section!). Max graduated in his poofy hat
with his huge smile (I loved being there to celebrate him), and Ella whirled through the week in her ballerina outfit, bouncing and talking about sleeping blooty.

Their Nashville neighborhood may be a perfect neighborhood: old wood houses close enough together with front porches and paned windows, big trees along the streets, and alleys winding behind. The entire trip g r e e n continued to strike me: hills of grassy clover, limey leaves unfolding from bushes and along branches, towering water oaks and maples, shaggy and ancient.
These are trees that have lived. Delicious.

And it rained. Even thunderstormed with jagged lightning spearing from the sky. All week it was hot enough for Silas to play in a wading pool, hot enough to wear sun dresses without layers, hot enough to woo fireflies into glow. I miss those summers...

This is Silas's photo smile

3 Homers

at KJ's graduation

She walked barefoot and officially gets the award for being the first Moyer to have a moonbounce at her house for a party!! (I think if Mona has anything to do with it, there will be a moonbounce at every 5101 party hereafter).

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