Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Kaia Joye came to California for a 36 hour visit (long story). On our one real day, we woke up early, as always, and made buckwheat blueberry pancakes with bananas. Yum. A bit later, we were up in my room "packing" for a 12 day trip to DC (i.e. lying on my bed talking), celebrating the fact that Silas, who had long since left us to play elsewhere, was such a responsible, easy, independent sort of baby. After quite sometime, KJ ventured downstairs to do something, and I immediately heard laughing. Never good. She had found Silas waddling away from the dining room table, the open jug of syrup with a spoon now sticking out of it, a plate with a freshly pooled with syrup, and a finger-smeared sticky tabletop. Here he is, sticky from toe to hair and quite pleased with himself (and a bit guilty)...

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