Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What If...

I love this. My friend Kak wrote it and sent it to me today:

i used to be afraid of the rain--i would fear the traffic (how would i make it to my class on time? would i be able to park?), what kind of shoes would i wear? would my feet be soaking all day? did the discomfort seem that intolerable? what kind of jacket? what if it was going to be a cold rain--did i have the right jacket? i was always buying coats and never felt like i had the right one--where would i put my umbrella (if i remembered it at all) when i got to my destination? would i then forget it on my way home? what if....WHAT IF
but now i am looking at my water-laden patio, my thoroughly happy soaking wet doggie,wet tail wagging away, my shoes wet, yes, and my hair frizzed to no tomorrow, the bottom of my jeans wet and dirty, and am reminded of the gifts God provides. this rain, this lushness, this grand sweep of nature, of rejuvenation, of persisting life.

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