Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day of Mourning

Well, it looks like sheets have about a 7 year life (though somehow my mother still owns sheets that were my grandmother's decades ago -- how is that possible?) Many of ours are now threadbare or tearing, the cotton washed so soft that they tear a bit more each time we stretch them over the mattress. Throwing them out will be just as heart-breaking as getting rid of a perfect pair of jeans that now have undeniably gaping holes in the knees. To add insult to injury, after searching two days in a row on google, it appears that these sheets I love are now impossible to buy because for some ungodly reason they've been discontinued. And so I will bring a spool of thread and a needle downstairs with me and see if I can possibly save them, even for another month.

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amy said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog page! It is funny that you should mention your sheets because my favorite set of sheets (that Annmarie gave me, I think) just bit the dust last month :( We have decided we should start throwing 10 year anniversary showers to replace all the things that have worn out :) Amy