Saturday, April 19, 2008

aaaaaand ... we're back

We got a text from mom my this morning as we were packing up that said Silas has a fever. The poor kid has been clobbered by a cold that's going on two weeks. . . 

When we drove back into town, we found Silas limp and red-cheeked, listlessly sucking milkshake from a straw on Papa's lap in Macdonald's.  After I scooped up his hot little body, he looked into my face with his puffy little eyes and asked, "Where you go, Mama?"  

And now after an hour and a half of his nap-rejection-crying, I am imprisoned on the floor of Silas's room keeping him company while he  t r i e s  to nap --an effort that seems to have shifted to his reading aloud to himself...

We leave for the pediatric clinic, unnapped, in an hour -- ahh yes, back to real life. 

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