Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Potty Learning

We have just finished day 2 . WHEW.  The experience is like being on a plane all day long with a 2 year old -- being ON, full of energy, alert, attuned, suggesting, encouraging, cheering, producing prizes and beverages, making sure no upholstered surfaces or carpets are in danger, urging the wearing of socks and t-shirt in the 60 degree morning despite the demands for nakedness, sitting for so many long stretches with my 33 week pregnant belly on the slate bathroom floor reading and re-reading and re-reading his beloved "potty learning" book to him (and it really is learning not training).  This afternoon, after Silas burned out on drinking and hadn't gone to the bathroom for a while, I even resorted to drinking games: clinking glasses with him (a favorite past-time) over and over and making him take a sip after each cheers!  

Tomorrow will be day 3, and we will be camped out, carpet pulled up from the living room floor, blue bulldozer potty seat in full effect, Lightning McQueen underpants, and the prize bowl of boats, cars, and candy waiting on the kitchen counter...

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