Thursday, October 30, 2008

A few New Things

-If you live in Southern California go find El Nopalito Roasted Salsa today!!!
560 Santa Fe Dr., Encinitas, CA 92024** 760.436.5775
(and if you live in DC, go to Cantina, it's pretty close :)

-Kath and Kim had potential but is s t u p i d

-I walk into at least 4 sharp or hard objects a day

-Silas can now have straight face contests with me, and when he does, he looks like this baby when he stares (and he always wins) funny

-I seem to be moving through at least moments of each day on automatic pilot without real awareness of my body. For example, yesterday, I walked from Target to my car, unlocked the car, put both babies in, changed Eden's diaper, returned my cart and tried to leave but couldnt' find my keys. They were lost somewhere between clicking unlock and getting in the car. I searched. I looked in every nook of the car, in the shopping bags, in the carseats, in the carts, on the ground -- over and over. I schlupped both babies in and out of the store 3 times to see if anyone had turned them in. 45 minutes later, Ben had come, we had moved all the bags, the giant stroller, and the carseats into his car. We were about to drive away and abandon my car indefinitely in the Target parking lot (we only have one key), when Ben checked one more time and found my keys on the car roof... No recollection of putting them there.

-The Office is so good. But I'm not sure why it started with everyone in costume and then abandoned the Halloween episode -?

-Ben built Silas a loft in his room -- it is awesome. Pictures to come.

-Are honeybees still becoming extinct?

-I've become immune to all deoderants -- help, anyone?

-Election day is only DAYS away... !!

That's it for today.

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