Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Daily Stuff

Silas and I are sitting in a dark house eating crackers and pumpkin butter. Eden is ahhhhhh-ing to the fish circling above her head, cracking her voice, and gnawing on her fist. The curtains are all drawn and the lights turned off in an attempt to seal out the scorching desert weather we are having. In the kitchen, an I-used-to-work-for-Sears-and-now-work-for-myself repair man whom we found on Craigslist is tinkering with the fridge that decide to give out completely last night and turn my mint ice cream to shaving cream and, once again, ruin all my pumped milk. We hope he is a real repair man and not a burglar canvassing the house, preparing to steal our 3 possessions. Silas is sitting literally at his feed watching his every move and echoing whatever the man says:

"May I use your restroom?"
"The repair man is IN THE BATHROOM!"
"I am going to get something from my truck."
"The repair man needs another tool from his truck!!"
Tom the repair man comes back into the kitchen, 2 feet away from Silas next to the fridge.
"Where is the repair man?? What he doing??"
"It's not the condenser; I just need to clean out the filter and coils."
"What he do? What he say, Mama?" (standing right next to him still).
It's a little embarrassing.

We are back from 2 1/2 weeks on the east coast, and after mornings awake at 3:30, 4:30 and finally today 6:30, I think we have adjusted back to west coast time. The trip was several trips within a trip. Highlights were almost daily outings with Annemarie, North Carolina mountains turning yellow, Eden's feet in the Gulf of Mexico, 91 year old Nana and Eden at the piano while Nana played, Silas Ella and Finn jumping around the hay loft that I used to jump around as a kid, and the Fall Festival with all the Newcotts -- pumpkin bread and scarecrows and so many girl cousins. I am still thrilled by the concept of cousins, aunts and uncles in my life.

There is a big pile of batting on my kitchen table, a white long sleeved shirt with a hood, some cotton balls, and two pieces of black felt; Silas will be a sheep for Halloween. Anyone have ideas about how to make Eden a strawberry? I can't shake the idea of her being a big berry.

And so life continues back within our own walls...

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cassie said...

Oliver is going to be an apple. I bought some red felt and cut it into the shape of an apple. I'm having a friend sew the two peices together. You could do the same thing and cut out seed shapes from another color and glue them onto the body. Just a thought...