Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Never in my life did I pay attention to Black Friday. In fact, I mildly pitied the people who set alarms to sound in the dark and ventured to malls across America to wrestle crowds and stand in winding lines. I pitied them, that is, until I married into Ben's family where 5AM Black Friday shopping is a yearly event. I reluctantly went with them a few years ago in the cold dark of night with clipped coupons in my pockets (also a tradition -- to hit up every 7-11 in the area, amass newspapers on the dining room table, and comb them for coupons) to Macy's. And, if I must admit it, quite despite myself, I loved it. I knocked out almost all of my Christmas shopping on one morning and spent practically nothing.

So this year, though Macy's did not cough up the free money $10 passes in the paper (which made shopping more like trading torn newspaper scraps for lovely gifts), Silas and I went Black Friday shopping at 5:40AM. And we loved it. Or I loved it, and he was a great sport. Ben and Eden even met up with us around 7:30, and Ben, who shops for small armies when he hits even the grocery store (who doesn't need a 10 lb box of pancake mix?), began piling all sorts of toys and electronics into his cart that "someone would really like" because they were only $10. ... (Fortunately, he and Silas were outside when I checked out, so I did a little weeding out...)

And I must say, I even did a little shopping fine tuning this morning on grey Saturday, when stores were still open at dawn and no one was in them. I have yet to discover Cyber Monday, but I have a feeling I could get hooked. Any tips?

We just watched WALL-E in two installments. Silas was in heaven!

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