Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Graham Cracker Houses

Today was the day for gingerbread houses.

Somehow they began like this: (no, a 7 year old neighbor did not come over and make these, I made them while Silas was napping... and no, I wasn't holding Eden, she was napping too)

There was some excitement about the idea of candy houses.

And each kid got a plate of candy like this:

And at the end of it, Silas's house looked like this, and all of his candy was pretty much gone:

Recipe for ROYAL ICING should you need it:

-3 egg whites
-4-5 cups of powdered sugar (I found closer to 5 was better for this project -- the drippy houses before candy were with only 4 cups)

Beat together.
Be sure to let the house set for a few minutes before you start piling on roofs and candy.

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