Thursday, June 11, 2009


For a while, Silas has been drawing some lines here, some swirls there, an occasional face (which each time causes me to die and go to heaven). Recently he started drawing wavy lines with loops -- race tracks or roller coasters. And in the last two weeks, he drew these:

a rocket ship with fire

Ben surfing (Ben is green, the board all sorts of colors)

BB (my mom) -- his first person with legs! and many toes

I am his biggest fan.

While I've been writing this, Silas has been singing his "heart out" (as he says) under my desk, drawing with a red marker, a nice, non-washable red marker. He's used it many times before. He just poked his head out, and his forehead is smudged with red ink. His hands, fingernails, arms, feet, soles of his feet, ankles, shins, and knees are also bright red.

Apparently there is no differentiation between red marker + inside and chalk + outside:

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