Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jesus are You Real

Jesus are You Real - Mason Jennings (get it on itunes)

Standing like a statue in the sea
in a little truck stop in Tennessee
bombs are crashing down in waves
on a giant tv screen

and I am struck I cannot move
to make it stop what can I do
people are dying in their beds
while this flag flies over our heads

Jesus are you stronger
than a loaded gun...
strong enough to show your love
strong enough to give
strong enough to go through hell
strong enough to live

When you do not know
you know
and when you know
you do not know
and when you think you do you die
and when you do not think you grow

Are we left here in the dark
or are we left here in the light
it seems to me that both are true...

All i do is doubt you God
all is do is love you God
all I do is question you
what else can I do

This world was never solid ground
religion cannot help me now
all I do is search for you
what else can I do

and when I say I search for you
I mean I search for peace
I search for hope
I search for love
and one day release

God give me strength to accept the things
that I just cannot know...

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