Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching up from our 10 Days in DC

Our first day in DC, Silas and I went for a walk and gathered along the way. His finds made me realize that though we have Fall here in California and the leaves of the Liquid Amber Maples behind my house gradually (and thankfully) turn cranberry red, we do miss some of Fall treasures
and brilliance

We played at the pumpkin patch (my favorite where I used to go as a kid)

and spent some time with Ben after being apart for a week.

One of my favorite moments was when Eden first saw the dollhouse in my parents' basement: she began chanting "hass hass" (house), and then immediately climbed in (and got stuck)!

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Hollie Shannon said...

Oh my AWESOMENESS -- those boots, the jump, the kick, the hay: that is a perfect picture. Love it.
These pictures are so cute and they make me really happy! Love you.