Saturday, October 24, 2009

Killer Bunny Follow Up

When driving around this morning, Silas asked, Why did that bunny bite Eden?...
Did the police come and take it right away?

Despite all of my explaining, he still was unclear about why the police wouldn't have come to help with traps galore.

Tonight we visited Beth's apartment where we met Georgie Fruit the cat AND Johnson the bunny. After staring for a minute, Eden walked over to the rabbit cage and stuck her left pointer finger (the bitten one) right in. She, at least, seems not to be remotely traumatized by last night's events.

This morning I did end up taking her to urgent care because her cuts looked redder -- which the doctor said was from the bacteria in the animal's mouth -- and she is taking antibiotics.
So, that's that for now (and hopefully ever).

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