Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cloth diaper update (very very small)

Well, it has been a while, I realize, since I updated you about the world of cloth. A few quick things:

*For the past two weeks, we've been using only disposables again because Eden had a killer rash and then an infection, so we had to use creams. Because of that I feel a little out of practice, though the past two days have whipped me back into shape (routine sets in quickly).

*I've started putting them in the dryer rather than hanging them out in the shade. Makes sense and IS easier.

*I've also started bleaching them once a month, which helps the freshness factor.

*Eden loves sitting on the potty -- asks for it (sometimes to stall going to bed -- why are they so smart?) and has peed there twice. Maybe we will be moving away from diapers before TOO long. (and then again, maybe not... you never know with these things)

I thought I had many new things to say about cloth, but it turns out I have hardly anything to say... ha!

Thursday we leave for DC again, and I am planning to haul the cloth with us. I have lost a little momentum and excitement in thinking about traveling with all the diapers again, but I think I will rise to the occasion.

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