Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eastern Early Winter Reminders

*the magic of static sparks in the dark
(winter's version of fireflies)

*chapped lips

*sock lint (I realize how seldom we wear socks!)

*that jet lag means that even when dog-tired from small people who rise early, I may still be wide awake Christmas shopping online come bedtime...

*the fun of tromping through a field of papery poplar leaves, watching Eden learn to lift her knees and kick foot-fuls as she goes

*the sink into quiet during stretches of cool, grey days

*traces of my parents in the mornings: a kitchen that smells like coffee and newspapers sectioned on the table

My eyes are tired, but it's good to be home this week...
(the other home)


cbpaschall said...

miss you. and i have never heard of static sparks, you will have to show me some day.

mMc said...

this home is glad to have you.