Thursday, March 04, 2010


I should preface this by saying that Silas is obsessed with guns, putting people in jail, and "bad babies" (which is what he calls nearly every person under the age of two).

Silas's birthday is in 19 days -- yes, we are counting down -- and this year we are going to begin the tradition of him buying a special present for Eden on his birthday, and she buying one for Silas on her birthday. I love the idea. This is an excerpt from our conversation:

me: What will you get Eden for your birthday?
Silas: I will get her a gun.
me: I don't think Eden really likes guns. What kinds of things does she like?
Silas: ... ummmm... She likes Legos. But we have those. What else does she like?
me: She likes dolls and books, and today at church she was holding 3 ponies when I picked her
Silas: oh yeah, we don't have ponies. I will get her a pony. A whole pony set with a gun to shoot
ponies. An air gun.
me: Hmm, I don't think pony sets come with guns.
Silas: Then I will get her a doll set with an air gun.
me: I don't think dolls come with guns either.
Silas: weeeeeelll, air guns are hair dryers. I saw one once.

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