Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silas is 4

Silas's birthday falls in March, the month when southern California is green and blooming, and the wind makes the snow-capped mountains clear. We are still in the years when Silas's birthday party can be a party filled with family friends, and standing together in the sun having second breakfast while the kids run around magically making kites fly in a windless sky made for a sweet morning. Silas asked for a Candyland party for his 4th, so we wore bright colors, used bright frosting, decorated cookie-men with gumdrops and licorice, and sucked on lollipops.
It took Silas hours to fall asleep the night before his party -- the first birthday he has really anticipated. When I went in and checked on him for the 9th time, he was sitting straight up in bed singing (while Eden snoozed in the bunk above).
Silas and his friend racing with their kites, while Eden was "stuck" in the tallish grass.

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