Friday, April 29, 2011

Bed Sitting

I never miss it until it comes. Bed sitting. Growing up, it was a no-brainer -- hanging out with girl friends we inevitably ended up lounging on a bed talking for hours. In college this happened too, since at least for a while, people only had bedrooms. But then, somewhere along the line, everyone becomes adults, and people begin to spend time together only in the living room or kitchen. Bedroom doors remain closed and the spaces become private.

Then one day my sister comes to town, or Mari my best friend from growing up, or Amy my old neighbor, and we find ourselves moving so freely in each other's space that we end up lounging against pillows talking, with a child or two nestled in. I love this -- the cozy comfort of bed sitting conversations. Once I've tasted them, I wonder, again, why we don't have them more.


Denise Ann said...

Is Mari Mary Palmer?

mMc said...

I loved our visit SO very much. Thank you for letting us into your space and folding us up in your lives. It was wonderful. So awesome. What you write here is so true! I find kiddos are such a good (mostly!) way to bring down boundaries such as this - they have no sense of it and its kind of wonderful.

Hi Mrs. Terry. Yes, its me. :)

Denise Ann said...

Thinking of a certain camping trip where mothers and daughters had a bed-sitting party!! Love to you all.