Sunday, April 24, 2011


One of the best privileges of 4th grade was making Ukrainian Easter eggs in art class. In retrospect, I am amazed the teacher dared tackle such a process with a room of 9 year olds, but she did, and I'm still grateful. Ukrainian eggs work like a batik -- you draw with wax, then dye the egg a light color, draw with more wax, dye it a shade darker, until you're left with a dark egg strewn with bright designs. I *loved* these eggs. A few years ago I bought myself my own Ukrainan egg kit ( and during nap time, sat at the kitchen table with bowls of dye making eggs. This year, when I unpacked the Easter box, I tossed the kit right back in without a thought. No way I'd sit at the table making intricate eggs this year. But to my surprise, Silas found the kit and insisted, so together we sat and drew with wax, watching the egg grow darker with each new color. As many of our joint creative endeavors go, Silas designed and I carried out his ideas. After Eden woke up, we made on more egg and they did all the writing. All an unexpected treat.

one way to fish for the egg...

what her hands looked like all day

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Beautiful said...

First of all, making Ukrainian eggs w your kidletts: memory-making. And next, how in the world did you ever bring yourself to make creamed eggs on toast using these gorgeously colored eggs? And finally, I see the shellac finally gave way : ) xxxooo