Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tiny bright spots of imagination

Eden most all days is "Bella," one of the "sisters."  Her other sisters are Eden, Tulip, and Aryiah, who is very shy.  Bella often holds hands with Eden or Ariyah when we walk or crosses her arms over her chest to carry one of them.  Throughout the day, Bella asks where Eden is, which I think is a bit awkward since Eden obviously is left to navigate the world without parents.  I'm never sure how to answer this (though we have established that on Fridays Eden works in a donut shop).

Silas the other night over a dinner of cheese tortellini and kale (i.e. very little cooking): "Mom, this is SO good.  I feel like I'm eating in heaven."  

Overheard Eden singing a lullaby to a 1 year old friend: "Lullabyyyyyyy, sweet and sours and a coke"

Today the city cut down all the big beautiful eucalyptus trees on a street near our house.  On our drive home tonight looking out the window, Silas:  "This street makes me feel lonely."  Me too.

Getting out of the car, Eden: "there is a lion who lives on the back of my neck all the time, a little lion, he keeps my hair warm. do you want to touch him? he's right here"

Standing on a cliff over the bay, Eden: "why are there so many boobies down there?"  The water was specked with buoys. 


Lindsay said...

OH MY GOSH! Do I love these and miss your little ones!!! Give them a big squeeze for me! xo

m* said...

the fresh perspective of little ones xxxooo