Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Kaia Joye

me about a friend: He's like my little brother

Silas: Why's he like your little brother

me: Because he's like my brother and he's younger, he's Kaia Joye's age

Silas: Oooooh, she's a lot younger

me: Yeah, she's younger

Eden: Mom, how old are you?

me: I'm 34

Silas: How old is Kaia Joye?

me: She's 26

Silas, with a guffaw:  She's in her 20's!  Woah! she's probably not even a grown up yet!  She doesn't make good decisions.  She must be in college.

me: No, she's an adult, a young adult.  She finished college and she has a job now.

Silas: What's her job?

me: Remember, she teaches kids on the island?

Silas: I wish I could be in one of her classes.

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KaiaJoye said...

so many smiles.