Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I am home with Eden.  It's Tuesday, a day when we're normally home.  She is coloring and discussing crayons and which could be the color of skin -- orange?  white?  brown?  The cough has been persistent for a day and a half, and she's wheezing, but it's the email I just received that has me waiting.  E's friend she played with yesterday spent all night throwing up -- OH MERCY.  With all the swirling changes right now, a night of throwing up (or two or three) feels more than bearable.

And we happen to be out of milk, eggs, yogurt and a few other essential foods.

Will she throw up in Trader Joe's?  If she does, I probably will too.  HA! picturing that now.

Eden is melting into puddles all over the floor.   She's colored outside of the line of Ariel's hair so she has red on her forehead -- it's violated her sense of beauty.

The sky is low and downy today, scattered rain.

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Anonymous said...

I have had this great since of fear waiting for the stomach flu, these past few weeks.

PS spent last night reading Phill all the Eden stories from your past blogs. She is so golden, like totally golden.