Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Today at 11 weeks pregnant, I seem to be coming out of the woods.  Though I'm going to bed in the 8's and tossing myself awake by 5 each morning, the nausea is lifting!!!

Yesterday, Eden sat curled next to me on my bed and struck by inspiration, began rattling off names we could use if the baby is, as she hopes, a girl.  Here is her list:
Isabella Polly
Eden (a different Eden)
Alana (how do you spell this? Elaina, Elena, Alena -- with a hard A beginning the second syllable?)
Leela (a different Leela than our friend)
Alana Polly

Silas's input has been less extensive:
If he's hairy, we should name him Perry.  If he's gooey, let's name him Gary.
I like the name Jack.

This morning Silas also suggested that if the baby's born on his half birthday, which he very well may be, then we should call him Halfy.

For now, Halfy it is.

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KaiaJoye said...

But Curtain-a-bella is pretty great too...