Friday, March 02, 2012

Our "life song"

The other night, Max, Ella (7) and Finn (5) performed a song/rap/poem that Max wrote about their life -- one of Max's many pockets of creative expression.  The three of them with their coordinated motions and the depth of the lyrics -- there was much to love.

Last night, Eden tugged at my arm in the kitchen and said, Mom, let's go make our life song.
Our life song?...  Oh, you mean like Uncle Max's?
Yes. Our family song.
So we went into the living room and this is the song Eden dictated, our "Life Song":

We play monkey in the middle at the YMCA
and we watch sunsets, and we watch
deep clouds like sunsets rising in the air.
Well the most thing we love to do is snuggle 
in our mom and dad's bed.
The most funnest thing is to watch the sunset
rising up in the sky in the morning time.
The important and lovable thing is 
I sleep with giraffe-y to my heart's content.
I like to sleep with world-of-color 
to my heart's content.  I love it. 
The most funnest thing was a long time ago 
we went to the YMCA and played 
monkey in the middle; I loved it.
I love to especially go to school and play with Rocket,
he's my best friend in the whole wide world,
and especially Ella -- she's my best friend here.
I like to look at pictures, look at swans everywhere -- 
I usually don't see them in my imagination.
Silas loves playing at school with Charlie.
Silas loves playing with baby Charlie.
I love when I play with Mom and Daddy.
And I love when I play in my bed, and especially,

not long ago, I like playing with my doll house 
and especially right now, I like 
standing on the carpet and playing this big beat.


Annemarie said...

much to love indeed!

KaiaJoye said...

this is magic.

shannon said...

that song moved me to deep places. little eden the poet! ahh!!!! (i love your blog, bronwen.)