Monday, October 29, 2012


is happening.  So far, it's a big fat rainy day with gusts that bend and wave the towering trees.  I've driven to the post office and my parents' house (neither of which was recommended), hung out with a cluster of men in the neighborhood hardware store, but mostly we've stuck inside.  Ben rigged up a little zip line (we have just over 6' ceilings) in the basement and a swing.  We've done what we can to prepare as Washington expertly panicked around us: yesterday the gas station was out of gas and the grocery stores sold out of water and batteries.  The main road we take to my parents' house has been preemptively shut down for flooding, and the metro and airports are closed.  Schools are closed today and tomorrow, and Halloween is up for grabs.  Our bathtub is full of water just in case.  Margaritas are in the fridge.  We've bought bags of ice and borrowed a cooler to store pumped milk (the single must-save -- liquid freedom).  Our electronics are charged.  The kids are bathed and ready for no hot water.  The outdoor drains are raked and covered in plastic mesh in hopes of saving our basement from an impending flood.  We've been eating out of the freezer -- frozen peas, corn, chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries for lunch today.  We've drawn the curtains in case branches fly at the windows, and that's about what we can do.  Now we're going to have a bed-party in my room with a stack of books while Maeve sleeps in the swing that ran out of batteries yesterday right when the stores did, but my mom refilled today -- huzzah!


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