Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Night (outside)

I've resorted to escapism.  The day passed smoothly, the weather unexpectedly beautiful, daffodils, tulips, dogwoods, red buds, tulip poplars all bright, SUN, towering trees leaving out -- the thaw made life!

But tonight, after being dragged all over creation today, Maeve will not sleep.  She's sweaty and screaming in her bed still now after an hour and a half.  I've rocked her, given her a pacifier, burped her, held her, sang (which seems to make her mad) -- nothing.  And, of course, it's contagious.  Silas is whining "moooommmmmy" from his bed.  Poor Ben is fevered in another bed (but fortunately not yelling). Eden is coughing from her corner.  So with no where to go, I am now sitting outside on the front stoop listening to some squeaking creature in branches above me -- squirrels? bats? (though they sadly are struck with disease) -- something I cannot see.  The sky is still a bright whitish-blue but the earth has dimmed and my computer screen is glowing.  I have a glass of wine and of water, a sweatshirt and couch pillow, a journal and volume of poetry.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to send a friend work.  It will be the first poem I've exchanged for *ages* and so far I have nothing to give.  So, I suppose, it is time to turn my attention there.  Cheers to an outside warm enough to sit in, to chirping settling sounds of night, to the sleep that is bound to come.

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