Friday, March 16, 2007

Brown Ale Quilting

I am sitting here working on my quilt -- quilt, a project of 10 years, the least product-oriented project of my life, refreshing! -- sipping New Castle Brown Ale, which I really bought to cook Corned Beef and cabbage in tomorrow (Ben's parents are coming over) and which I surprisingly like.

Carrie Miller inspired this quilt when I was in college. I collected fabrics here and there -- Oklahoma, Eli's old clothes, Mari's shirt and the khaki cut-off shorts we used to wear, Costa Mesa -- for about 3 years. Then I cut squares for the next year or two (that sounds like a lot of squares -- what you should know is that they are 6x6). Then gladly looked at the squares for a while and just recently started sewing them together. Recently being two years ago. I don't sew them often. I MAY be halfway through and then will come the whole actual quilting part, which I will also make up as I go along.

Because this has been such an unfolding process, there's a lot sewn into these squares, which makes it all worthwhile (i have had 2 sips of ale and i am wasted -ha, clearly not irish, i'll stick with the corned beef). Our move to Cali. 227 Walnut St. Our new house. Silas' birth -- he was born in the middle of a row so I stitched his name into a seam. And I tend to work on it when Ben travels (or during one of his trips away a year), which includes working through being with myself, with loneliness, with the questions that arise in my own space.

So even though the columns do not begin to line up -- it is ridiculous -- I like it more and more as I go. And it looks like me. I'll post a picture in a few years when I finish.

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Ben said...

Ahhhh.... The infamous quilt. Can't wait for it to be done, and the sewing machine out of our dining room. But I must say it IS coming along nicely.