Friday, March 30, 2007


Now that Silas is 1 and completely grown up, the two of us tend to coexist much of the time. Today I was sitting on the floor next to him reading while he played with my cell phone. Then, quietly, he crawled out of the room. I waited a few minutes to finish my chapter and then got up to find him. He had crawled into my closet and was happily playing with the wheels of a suitcase. So I plopped down on a pile of dirty laundry and kept reading while he crawled around nearby playing with bottles of lotion and dirty clothes (ahh, the really great toys). And before long, he had once again crawled out of the room. Is he already insisting on having his own space? When I found him, he was back in his room reading a board book. I ran downstairs to get an english muffin and found him lying on the floor on top of a little flannel blanket he pulled out thunking his legs against the floor again and again laughing. We sat up there together for a while eating buttery toast. A bite for me, a bite for him.

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