Thursday, March 15, 2007

strawberry picking

Last weekend, Kaia Joye visited before her CA road trip senior spring break. Saturday, she, Silas, Ben and I went to Tanaka Farms to wagon ride and pick strawberries. As we bumped along in a wagon-full of young families, chewing on giant stalks of celery, sugar-sweet carrots, cauliflower, cilantro (it turns out fresh, organic cilantro just-picked, though still v. fragrant, is mild and almost lettuce-like), I realized there is something deeply grounding about having family stuck to your side on a farm wagon. Even while growing into a family of our own, there is nothing like having root-family with us to pick pumpkins, visit a farm, go to the circus; it is all worlds at once -- childhood, today, and what we picture ahead. It creates a gradual turning. Warm. Reassuring.

And then there are so many days when the three of us go it alone, together, -- our own family -- and end up at the smallest zoo, at the ocean, or driving south through Salinas -- the yellow hills and tumbled rock -- on our way home.

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