Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eight Days Out

When Silas was born, Ben in particular was struck with a mad case of "baby brain." Ben, who has forever ridiculed me for losing my keys in the house, misplacing my cell phone, leaving the house 3 times because I forget things etc, suddenly was realizing on his drive to work that his wallet and phone were at home, that his keys were in other pockets, that he went to pick up food with no money etc.  The guy was all over the place.

So far, this transition has seemed much smoother (that said, Ben is still on paternity leave and the real test will start when he has to go back to work and think in a straight line).  Today, however, I found that I may not be operating at 100% (or might this have happened anyway?) I started the grill in the afternoon because we had chicken legs that needed to be cooked and promptly forgot I'd turned it on.  About 20 minutes later, I remembered, and Ben put the meat on.  This alone was good, but what really ended up fortuitous is that he also set a timer to turn the chicken.  Who knew, when the little beep sounded in the kitchen, that Ben would walk out to discover the plastic /canvas grill cover (that I had apparently left on a secret side burner which I had also lit) ON FIRE with its flames leaping just next to the wood siding of the house.  Had he not flipped the chicken,  there's a good chance that first, our house would be burning, second, all of the old-school sprinklers in our ceilings would be spraying dirty water all over, and thirdly, in chain reaction, all the neighbors' sprinklers would also be on and perhaps their houses would be on fire too... 

So, today I am grateful not only for milk that's regulating but also for timers and patio hoses and dry ceiling sprinklers.  And mushy, sweet Eden.


amy said...

welcome to life with multiple children! Don't fool yourself into thinking that it is just b/c you are one week postpartum, the forgetfulness only seems to increase with the addition of each child! Makes life more adventurous! lol. Incase I have not said it before, Eden is beautiful!


m & T said...

oh my goodness! glad you are all safe and looking forward to more postings and more PICTURES, please!

kisses to you ALL four.