Monday, June 16, 2008


I tend to look ahead and to anticipate the future.  I love my calendar.  I love buying plane tickets.  I love planning.  The down side of this forward focus is the accompanying anxiety: making plans creates expectations, and expectations are risky because they may not be fulfilled, hence, the worry.

Transitions also lend themselves to worry -- especially when the transition is not only life- changing but involves a rotating door of visitors, long stays, uncertain plans, compromised space, etc...

The other day I read this quotation by Tim Keller (paraphrased here), which has been food for thought:

Peace that depends on our wise choices and competence is easily shattered by unfavorable circumstances... 
True peace is based on humility.  Worry is basically an assumption that you know best how life ought to go. 
We worry when we think we know what is best and should happen;
unshakable peace depends on trust -- a trust that God has the big picture and holds us in whatever form the future takes.

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Carrie said...

Tim Keller is the pastor of my church! (assuming it's the same Tim Keller). :)