Monday, December 21, 2009

En Route

Today is a travel day.

On most travel days we are out the door at dawn. But today our flight left at 1:20PM, which means we had a handful of hours in the morning to wreak havoc. *SIGH*

Ideally the day of departing, especially departing with young children and especially departing heavily laden with Christmas presents and clothes to wear in snowy weather, is quiet and calm, with the car already packed.

Our morning, however, involved racing with a car full of recycling to the center, picking up dry cleaning, mailing something at the post office 3 days before Christmas (quel horreur!!), and going to a framer who was behind schedule to pick up Christmas presents. As our friend -- who had left work to drive us to the airport -- walked through our front door, we realized we still needed to clean out the fridge, empty diapers from the trashcans, change a dirty diaper, wash baby bottles (which are still on the counter), start the scooter in the garage to juice up the batter (an apparent priority), gather scarves (which are also still at the house), etc etc etc. (Needless to say we felt like the WORST friends).

Our house looks like a tornado blew through it, and I think my breathing went no deeper than my chin for a couple of hours. Silas, our new Jiminy Cricket, commented on how Ben and I spoke to each other more than once, and I think all the air drained right out of our joy and excitement about a snowy Christmas in DC.

Here on the plane we are slowly finding breathing again. We are at the level of a low tire now, an improvement 1from the limp rubber that we were as we climbed into the car. Hopefully by the time we get into bed tonight, we will be back to Good Year tires.

And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep.

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