Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today as I was wearing a paper jumpsuit and painting Ben's parents' front hall, I heard a rattling sound. Eden, once again, was wandering between the wet walls, and this time was shaking her cousin's Christmas box of Gobstoppers.

It wasn't until I was kneeling, prying the candy box out of her hands, that I saw her bulging cheeks. Apparently Eden had been drifting through the house in a sugary world of her own, enjoying candy-box shaker percussion when I interfered. Each time I thought I'd fished out the last gobstopper, I'd spot a little pink or yellow, and there would be another. That's because she was eating eight jawbreakers at once. Eight. And she most certainly didn't want to stop, so as I pulled them from her mouth, she furiously shook the box and sent the rest of the candy marbles bouncing and rolling across the wooden floor.

Her cousin has yet to find the nearly-empty box or rainbow smears on the freshly painted wall...

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