Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Refrigerator Repair

Our refrigerator hasn't broken yet, but it's making a sound. The same buzzing sound it made once just before it turned off and left all the food thawed and under an inch of freezer burn.

So last night, Ben hopped on craigslist, and in a matter of seconds (literally) found the number of the wonderful Kenmore specialist repair man who'd come to our house a year or two ago, whose name I did not even vaguely remember and whose number I couldn't have begun to find. Impressive.

So today, the man came. He was a stranger, and not at all the repair man we had known and liked. He was "out of business cards" and was as tall as the door frame. Almost immediately asked to use the bathroom. I moved Eden's pink potty and Silas's razor scooter out of it (yes, the bathroom by the front door serves somewhat as a garage), and let him in. When I moved the potty back, I discovered that the behemoth man in the kitchen had pissed all over the floor AND left the seat up. I don't usually use the verb pissed, but that is definitely what he did. Disgusting.

The freezer made no buzzing sounds while the giant man stood in the kitchen lamely opening and closing the doors, which is all he did the entire time, by the way, that and sit in a chair echoing back whatever I said in declarative statements:

him: Does it make a sound like this: TUCK TUCK TUCK TUCK? It's the evaporator fan.
me: No, It makes a sound more like this zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
him: Yeah, that's definitely the fan.... And it's keeping you up at night?
me: No, it's really quiet. We just hear it when we're downstairs.
him: Yes, then, that's the fan. I'm sure of it.
me: But you haven't heard the sound yet.
him: No, but it's the fan. You said this fridge was how old?
me: 5 years.
him: YES, those fans give out at about 5 years. It's the fan.

So, I didn't have him replace the fan.
And the freezer has stopped buzzing.
For now.


Beautiful said...

that kind of a repair-man visit is my worst nightmare. I have had that same man here from time to time and I, like you, do what it takes just to get him to leave- without repairing anything or talking to me anymore, or suggesting anything else. So sorry you had to meet him.

S a R a said...

Repair guys like this exist for hilarious blog entries like this!