Friday, May 07, 2010

tech-savvy people?

A friend asked how she could subscribe to this blog to make reading easier.
I know there are several clever ways to do this out there -- does anyone know how?


Hawley said...

You a have a link on the right side of your blog to "subscribe", and usually there's an option to have new posts emailed to you. One way that I like to keep track of good friends' blogs is to drag their URL to my favorites/bookmark bar (above the website itself, below the url address space) and it allows you to rename the site - I put my friends names as the name of their blog and then just visit the bookmarks whenever I want to see what the latest is in their lives :)

I dunno if that helps or not!

Jodie Mac said...

I just discovered Google Reader, and it has changed my life! Well, at least my blog reading life! Which is too big a part of my life. Anyway, in your gmail account, you click on 'Reader' (next to Calendar, Docs etc) and then click 'Add a subscription'. Copy and Paste the URL of Blogs you like to read. Then they are all in your Google Reader! The great part is, when a new post is added on any of your blogs, there is an 'unread' item like a new message in your inbox. Its a great way to only look at the blogs that have new posts, instead of always checking back on your blogs to see if there is a new post.